George Harper and James Meyer interviewed by Univision for news broadcast “Cuba isn’t ready”

On June 3rd shortly after their return from an exploratory visit to Cuba with the Florida Bar, George Harper and James Meyer were interviewed by Univision. Univision Reporter Mario Vallejo said the thirty or so attorneys who traveled to Cuba optimistic about the possibilities returned with the understanding that the embargo is not the only obstacle for foreign investors wishing to do business there. George Harper said that even if the embargo is lifted, without the necessary changes within Cuba, even if and when the laws change in the United States, it is a difficult legal environment for foreign investors and the risks outweigh the potential gains. He said about 60% of the foreign investors who entered Cuba have since left the island due to the challenges they faced doing business there. James Meyer stated that the laws in Cuba and the United States need to be further changed to give foreign investors confidence that their contracts can be enforced there. George Harper and James Meyer participated in meetings with attorneys and legal scholars, including a meeting with the Havana City Historian Dr. Eusebio Leal, and with a well-known Cuban legal activist and dissdent, Dr. Rene Gomez Manzano, who was one of the original “Group of Four” and who now serves as president of a group of “independent” Cuban lawyers.

For the full interview please go to the site at the following link:  'Cuba no está lista' para los inversionistas