George Harper interviewed on recent trip to Cuba by Doral News TV

Maria Fernanda Silva of Doral News TV interviewed George Harper on June 1st regarding his recent fact-finding visit to Cuba with The Florida Bar International Law Section. She asked Mr. Harper to respond to the rumor that anyone can now travel freely to Cuba. Mr. Harper responded that only certain sectors in Cuba are open for trade or business with foreign entrepreneurs. He clarified that sending comestibles and pharmaceuticals to Cuba has always been open for humanitarian reasons, but that other sectors such as banking and related services remain tightly controlled by the Cuban government. Ms. Silva asked Mr. Harper to comment on the possibility of settling corporate and individual property claims against the government of Cuba. Mr. Harper responded that the ability to negotiate a settlement of these claims will depend largely on the Cuban government's willingness to seek a settlement, and its desire for real trade relations with the U.S.

The full interview can be seen in Spanish at the Doral TV news YouTube link: