James Meyer featured on Channel 10 This Week in South Florida on his trip to Cuba

On Sunday, May 31st the Channel 10 news roundtable program This Week in South Florida featured James Meyer, Peter Quinter of Gray Robinson and Jennifer Olmedo of Buchannan Ingersoll who had all returned from Cuba the night before. Roundtable host John Michael Putney told the three attorneys that they represent the legal vanguard traveling to Cuba following the major move towards the normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba. James Meyer, Partner with Harper Meyer, helped organize the group of 38 attorneys who traveled to Cuba under the auspices of the Florida Bar’s International Law Section. He also organized a smaller group from his own firm to conduct a series of professional meetings with Cuban lawyers, high level government officials and dissidents. Roundtable host John Michael Putney asked James Meyer about his impressions on the legal environment and any advice he would give either other lawyers or those who have an interest in doing business in Cuba. James Meyer advised that there is still no independent judiciary in Cuba so there are still real risks involved in doing business and enforcing any contracts there. He also advised that changes must take place within Cuba and in our legal system before investors can enter this emerging market.