James Meyer presents on main impediments to doing business in Cuba at ABA Spring Meeting

On April 13, 2016, James Meyer participated in the ABA’s International Section Spring Meeting in New York City. Mr. Meyer’s presentation offered a U.S. business and legal point of view regarding the main impediments to doing business in Cuba. Mr. Meyer explained the principal legislative laws and regulations related to the U.S. embargo and discussed the potential role of mediation and arbitration in resolving the claims against the Cuban government.

TV Martí interview with George Harper on U.S. sales to Cuba on credit

On the day that the new amendments to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) took effect, TV Martí interviewed Mr. George Harper specifically on the issue of sales of some items to Cuba on credit. Mr. Harper explained that allowing U.S. banks to lend money so that certain goods can be exported and sold to individuals in Cuba on credit will allow many of them to work towards those purchases. Of interest to most will be the sale of electronics, chiefly cell phones and PDAs.

Steven M. Harper Interviewed by Lawyer Monthly

As part of its International Legal Roundtable, Lawyer Monthly spoke with Steven M. Harper regarding the various issues that need to be addressed when representing clients in a cross-border aviation transaction.  Among other things, Harper stressed the importance of working with local counsel, especially when it comes to dealing with aircraft registered in foreign jurisdictions.  He also discussed how aircraft purchases can be structured in a tax efficient manner, and proposed certain legislative changes aimed at increasing state revenues by capping sales tax on aircraft transactions.

James Meyer quoted in the Daily Business Review regarding first yacht charter to Cuba

On August 3, 2015, James Meyer of Harper Meyer Perez Hagen O’Connor Albert & Dribin LLP was quoted in an article from the Daily Business Review entitled, “Yacht Charter Plans First US-Cuba Voyage Under Relaxed Rules.”  A Palm Beach County yacht broker’s charter will be the first ship to travel to Cuba since the United States restored diplomatic relations with Cuba as the rules for U.S. travel to the island have become more relaxed. Meyer stated, “a major reason for the extended delay in starting service is Cuban infrastructure challenges and the shallow depths of most Cuban ports. It’s a big coup for anyone who becomes the first to do anything in Cuba – whether it’s the first bank or the first yacht. The publicity associated with it is priceless.”

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