James Meyer quoted in DBR’s Special Report on Cuba

The July 29, 2015 Daily Business Review published a special report on Cuba focusing on the announcement that Pompano Stonegate Bank will act as the official bank of the Cuban Government. The Pompano Stonegate Bank issued a statement to inform the public that at the request of the U.S. Department of State the Bank reached an agreement with the government of Cuba to provide banking services to the Cuban Interest Section in Washington as well as to its employees. The DBR special report includes analysis from several bank and legal experts regarding the reasons for the need for a U.S. bank to act as the official bank for the Cuban government as well as the risks involved. James Meyer was quoted as stating: “It’s an incredible opportunity. To be the first anything in Cuba is going to have an inestimable value in terms of marketing and exposure. Yet there’s a lot of risk and controversy.”

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James Meyer quoted regarding Florida Bar Plans for Cuba Trip

The Florida Bar plans to arrange another trip to Cuba for attorneys in the upcoming months. They hope to focus this trip exclusively on attending meetings and open discussions with officials on the island regarding current legal issues, a transitional government and politics which is exactly what Steve Hagen, George Harper, Steven Harper and James Meyer did when they traveled separately to Cuba on the Florida Bar’s first trip. They met with various professionals and legal scholars and engaged in a series of professional meetings with lawyers, government officials and dissidents to exchange ideas on the normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba. James Meyer said he went to test U.S. and Cuban travel policies. He stated: “I wanted to experiment with the Cuban government to see if they would let us in to do business meetings and to see how OFAC (the Office of Foreign Assets Control) would respond.”

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James Meyer discusses important goals achieved during International Law Section visit to Cuba

On July 1st, the Florida Bar News extensively quotes James Meyer of Harper Meyer Perez Hagen O’Connor Albert & Dribin LLP on his visit to Cuba in May with The Florida Bar’s International Law Section and how his side meetings accomplished many of the Section’s goals.

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George Harper and James Meyer interviewed regarding their award presentation to prominent Cuban dissident

James Meyer along with George Harper and other Florida attorneys presented an award to independent Cuban attorney and dissident Dr. Rene Gomez Manzano for his achievements in human rights activism.

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