George Harper and Steve Hagen speak on International Transactions in the FL Bar International Law Section’s ILAT Conference

On February 27, 2015 firm Partners George Harper, James Meyer and Steven Hagen participated in the International Litigation, Arbitration and Transactions (ILAT) Conference of The Florida Bar’s International Law Section. George Harper presented in a panel covering Proposed Amendments to the Treasury and Commerce Department Regulations Relating to Cuba. Steve Hagen, Chairman of the Transnational Tax Network (TTN), presented in a panel covering FATCA, Anti-Inversion, and Other Tax and Banking Laws Impacting International Clients. James Meyer, a Member of the Florida Bar’s International Law Section Executive Council, served as a moderator and Co-Chair of the conference.

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Michael Dribin in Palm Beach Post on how Florida’s definition of a spouse will determine outcomes in Real Estate and Probate for same sex couples

Last summer the Real Probate and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar (“RPPTL”) organized an eight-person committee to study Florida’s real property and estate laws as they pertain to same sex couples. Michael Dribin, the Chairman of the RPPTL Section and a Partner with the Miami firm Harper Meyer was quoted in an article published by The Palm Beach Post this January as a result of the changes in Florida laws permitting, for now at least, same sex marriages in Florida. He stated: “But until we have changed the statutes to make it abundantly clear what a surviving spouse means in Florida, I would not rely as a same-sex couple on the idea that the survivor would be protected without a will.” Michael Dribin and the RPPTL Section are studying how to address the impact on Florida’s statutes as a result of the recognition of same sex marriages in Florida.  Among the issues is the potential retroactive application to title to real estate, and probate rights of a surviving spouse when the first spouse dies.  The issues also concern recognition of same-sex marriages conducted in other states when the couple becomes residents of Florida. To read the complete story in the Palm Beach Post go to:

Michael Dribin leads the "Reptiles” to a meeting in Chicago

This past September, Michael A. Dribin, a partner with Harper Meyer, and current Chair of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law ("RPPTL") Section of The Florida Bar, otherwise known as the "Reptiles”, led the group to a meeting in Chicago. One of their stops was to Wrigley Field where they were warmly welcomed by the Chicago Cubs as shown in the picture below.