Miami Herald – June 11th, 2015: Miami Herald quotes James Meyer: “Cuba is a long way away.” 
On June 11th The Miami Herald published Joe Cardona’s column entitled “In normalization talks, U.S. gives, Cuba takes”. Mr. Cardona has been following President Obama’s new policy track towards Cuba and so far he says there have been important concessions on the U.S. side but not one single, significant conciliatory gesture from Cuba. Mr. Cardona met with Florida Bar attorneys who just over a week ago returned from a trip to learn about the business environment there, and found most returned pessimistic. He quoted James Meyer as stating: “Cuba is a long way away. I could not advise a client to invest in Cuba because the issue of rule of law is imperative in offering a potential investor stability and confidence ― right now Cuba’s legal system is nowhere near where it needs to be.”