On August 3, 2015, Harper Meyer Perez Hagen Albert Dribin & DeLuca LLP was quoted in an article from the Daily Business Review entitled, “Yacht Charter Plans First US-Cuba Voyage Under Relaxed Rules.” A Palm Beach County yacht broker’s charter will be the first ship to travel to Cuba since the United States restored diplomatic relations with Cuba as the rules for U.S. travel to the island have become more relaxed. Meyer stated, “a major reason for the extended delay in starting service is Cuban infrastructure challenges and the shallow depths of most Cuban ports. It’s a big coup for anyone who becomes the first to do anything in Cuba – whether it’s the first bank or the first yacht. The publicity associated with it is priceless.”

For the full article, please visit:https://www.dailybusinessreview.com/id=1202733759974?keywords=Yacht+Charter+Plans+First+US-Cuba+Voyage+Under+Relaxed+Rules&publication=Daily+Business+Review