High-Profile Clientele


The firm recognizes that its representation of high net worth individuals and corporate brands is somewhat different than the specialized and focused attention required in order to properly represent celebrities, performers, athletes, promoters, authors, and professional sports teams.

Beyond the mere creation of corporate and other entities and the protection of intellectual property, we are able to assist our clients in connection with their various needs, their international tax and real estate planning, the exploitation of brands and the creation, protection and use of ancillary rights. Even beyond that, we are able to assist our special clients in a variety of other areas, including personal property assets, real estate, private aviation and yachting pursuits. Recognizing the high-profile nature of many of our clients, we are able to accomplish most, if not all of these services with utmost confidentiality and discretion.

We are proud that some of our lawyers are proud to be members in good standing of the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section of The Florida Bar.