Tax legislation is filled with complex rules, regulations, and shifting trends, particularly when operating internationally. For attorneys specializing in cross-border issues, staying up-to-date on the latest tax trends is not just a professional necessity—it’s a strategic advantage.

Harper Meyer’s Brazil Desk, in collaboration with Brazilian law firm TAGD Advogados, recently hosted a comprehensive seminar titled “US-Brazil Tax Trends,” which covered a variety of tax developments in the United States and Brazil, including the latest updates and strategies for managing the changing tax landscape as well as estate and tax planning opportunities for Brazilian individuals and corporations in the United States. 

Held on the afternoon of March 6 at the Conference Center of Harper Meyer’s Miami office, the event welcomed over fifty practitioners from different backgrounds, including attorneys and advisors from both the United States and Brazil, who engaged in dynamic discussions on critical topics such as taxation issues, succession planning within transnational families, and the implications of foreign assets. The seminar was followed by a networking reception, which allowed participants to forge new alliances and engage in lively, thought-provoking discussions on intricate tax topics.

Harper Meyer congratulates Partner Otavio Carneiro for hosting a successful seminar and Partners Rose Parish-Ramon and Jeff Hagen for their outstanding contributions in the fields of Tax, Trust, and Estate Planning. The firm also sincerely thanks all attendees for their active engagement and valuable insights during this event. 

Harper Meyer is committed to providing valuable resources, insights, and opportunities for learning and growth to its clients and fellow legal professionals and is excited to welcome everyone again to the next US-Brazil seminar.