As part of The Florida Bar International Law Section’s mission to provide a forum for discussion on matters relating to international law, last April 3rd, 2024, a group of distinguished attorneys gathered to learn insights from Sequor Law’s Founding Shareholder Ed Davis alongside friend and long-time colleague Harper Meyer Partner Jim Meyer who had the honor to interview him. The session explored valuable insights on financial fraud, corruption, and asset recovery cases as part of Ed’s extensive practice managing high-profile cases, including a case involving the second-largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world.

A highly recognized and sought-after leader in his field, Ed focuses his practice on representing individual, corporate, and institutional victims of fraud worldwide. He also conducts financial fraud investigations, prosecutes civil claims for fraud, and pursues misappropriated assets, having tracked such funds in jurisdictions across the globe.

Harper Meyer was delighted to attend this Lunch and Learn, which highlighted the complexities and evolving nature of financial crimes and underscored the critical importance of global cooperation and knowledge-sharing in tackling these challenges.